The Different Versions of XBMC for Android Explained


If you've noticed that there seems to be more than one version of XBMC for Android available on the internet, you're not alone. There is only one official version released by the XBMC Foundation, but different groups have customized their own versions of XBMC for Android nightly releases. It's probably worthwhile checking out some of these different versions, especially if you're a technologically … [Read more...]

Removing Phone Functions from ICS on Non Mobile Devices


If you're not using a mobile phone or a device with GSM capabilities, you might as well just remove the phone specific functions from the device, which will in fact free up quite a hefty amount of processing power even when it's not needed at all. This means that if you're using a set top box, you definitely don't need these files. This isn't very difficult but is more for the more technologically … [Read more...]

Booting Directly into XBMC for Android


Once you've connected to the internet, there's no reason you really need to continue booting into the Android main menu in the future, so why not boot directly into XBMC? It's easier than you'd think and will allow you to get the most satisfaction out of your XBMC experience on the Android operating system. You can always get back to the main Android menu by using the Exit XBMC button. BOOTING … [Read more...]