How-To Install the Official Version of XBMC for Android, then Configure It with the XBMC HUB Wizard Addon


It's come to our attenton that more and more people with powerful Android devices (such as Samsung phones or higher end tablets) have been opting to use the official version of XBMC instead of the external player version which is more for lower end devices with less processing capabilities. This is great news because it means that XBMC for Android development is just going further and further, and … [Read more...]

Finally, a Stable Release of our End User Friendly XAF Custom Build of XBMC for Android is Out!


It's been quite some time since we initially released the original version of our highly acclaimed XAF Custom Build of XBMC for Android and we'd like to begin by stating that we're very proud to see that it has been downloaded over a half a million times, and is even being pre-installed to many of the new Android set top boxes which have began to hit the market. This is the first and only truly … [Read more...]

Different Versions of XBMC-Linux Compatible with Geniatech-Manufactured M3 Set Top Boxes Simplified


So, you just bought an Android set top box manufactured by Geniatech and heard that you can flash it with XBMC-Linux instead of running the not yet so stable Android operating system on these devices. The reason XBMC-Linux for these devices came to be originates from the Pivos XIOS DS and has since been ported to the other devices of pretty much identical hardware specifications. These … [Read more...]

How to Install the Official Version of XBMC for Android to your Devices


We've just realized that up until now we still never wrote a guide on how to install the official release of XBMC for Android stable to your devices. It's probably the easiest out of all the XBMC platform installations and shouldn't take more than a few minutes including the downloading of the XBMC for Android application itself. Anyone can do it, keep reading to find out exactly how to install … [Read more...]

Introducing the First End User Friendly Release of XBMC for Android – Must Have!


We're very pleased to announce that after months of hard work we've finally reached a point where we are able to release a version of XBMC for Android that should be fully functional on pretty much any Android device. It's packed with tons of cool features that make XBMC much more than just a media centre, but a media platform, bringing the complete online streaming experience to an easy to … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to Installing XBMC-Linux on the Pivos XIOS DS


As we continue to provide you with all the information you need to get going with XBMC for Android, we figure we'd write a new guide on flashing the Pivos XIOS DS with their exclusive XBMC-Linux build, which is available in the meantime until XBMC for Android is at the point of stable release with hardware acceleration. Most people using the Pivos XIOS DS have opted to use this XBMC-Linux version … [Read more...]

How to Install XBMC Nightly with External Player on the MK802 Stick or Other Android TV Devices


For those of you who don't yet know what the MK802 is, get ready for a treat. The MK802 is an Android TV stick that resembles a USB Memory Stick, but instead of having a USB output at the end, it had an HDMI output. You basically just┬áplug it into its Micro USB power source (identical to a BlackBerry charger) then plug it directly into one of the HDMI inputs located on the side (or back using an … [Read more...]

Installing XBMC with External Player for Pivos XIOS DS on Android


Right now hardware acceleration isn't yet available within the official XBMC releases, meaning that video is decoded using software instead of hardware components, leaving you with a very choppy video that is pretty much impossible to watch. We've now tested a method that you can use in order to force XBMC to use an external video player, in order to properly decode video with hardware … [Read more...]

Installing XBMC Linux Port to the Pivos XIOS DS


Right now the Pivos XIOS DS is running a version of XBMC Linux specific to their hardware pretty well, while the Android software is still under heavy development. It's a custom version of XBMX for Linux made specifically for the Pivos XIOS DS, and runs XBMC perfectly, just as well as it does on any other platform such as the Apple TV. It's literally easier than pie to Install XBMC to the Pivos … [Read more...]