Finally, a Stable Release of our End User Friendly XAF Custom Build of XBMC for Android is Out!


It's been quite some time since we initially released the original version of our highly acclaimed XAF Custom Build of XBMC for Android and we'd like to begin by stating that we're very proud to see that it has been downloaded over a half a million times, and is even being pre-installed to many of the new Android set top boxes which have began to hit the market. This is the first and only truly … [Read more...]

Different Versions of XBMC-Linux Compatible with Geniatech-Manufactured M3 Set Top Boxes Simplified


So, you just bought an Android set top box manufactured by Geniatech and heard that you can flash it with XBMC-Linux instead of running the not yet so stable Android operating system on these devices. The reason XBMC-Linux for these devices came to be originates from the Pivos XIOS DS and has since been ported to the other devices of pretty much identical hardware specifications. These … [Read more...]