How-To Bypass the OUYA Setup Payment Option Required Screen


Probably the only downfall to the OUYA user experience that we've found to date is the fact that during the initial setup it seems to require the owner to enter either their credit card information or an OUYA prepaid voucher code. We've been trying to figure out a way around it, and there isn't really one, except for a simple loophole that we came across in the system that can easily be used. … [Read more...]

Fixing the Pivos XIOS DS Antenna Placement


For those of you that own Pivos XIOS DS devices, you'll find that while this fix might seem a bit difficult, it's quite easy to perform, and in fact you don't really have a choice but to follow the procedure below if you want to actually use your device without having problems with the wireless internet connection. Basically what we're going to show you how to do is reposition the wireless antenna … [Read more...]