Latest Jynxbox Android TV Firmware Files as of September 2013


It's been quite a while since Jynxbox released a new firmware for their Jynxbox Android TV line of devices, and it took us a little while to even realize that they were available but here they are, finally here. It is definitely recommended to upgrade your Jynxbox devices to this new firmware and perhaps you'll also want to factory reset your device afterwards just to make sure it's running top … [Read more...]

Updated Factory Firmware for the G-Box as of May 2013


We've seen quite a few people looking for where to download the latest firmware files for their G-Box Android TV devices, so we're now bringing you this article where you'll find the latest up to date firmware for the G-Box as of this month. The files listed on this post come all directly from the G-Box manufacturer Matricom themselves. You'll find everything you need for the G-Box device … [Read more...]

Factory Firmware for Pivos XIOS DS Up-to-Date as of May 2013


It seems that people have been having trouble finding the latest factory firmware files for their Pivos XIOS DS devices as there isn't really a well organized web site for newbies to this device. The Pivos XIOS DS is a great Android TV device and is in fact the official sponsor of the XBMC Foundation, however hardware is only as good as the software that goes with it. You'll find the latest … [Read more...]

Enabling the Installation of Unknown Sources on your Android Device


If you're trying to install an application on your Android device that isn't being installed directly through the Google Play store, chances are you'll encounter an error informing you that the installation of unknown sources to your device is not allowed. It's very easy to correct this issue, and is something that most Android users could benefit from, because there is a ton of other good … [Read more...]