Latest Jynxbox Android TV Firmware Files as of September 2013


It's been quite a while since Jynxbox released a new firmware for their Jynxbox Android TV line of devices, and it took us a little while to even realize that they were available but here they are, finally here. It is definitely recommended to upgrade your Jynxbox devices to this new firmware and perhaps you'll also want to factory reset your device afterwards just to make sure it's running top … [Read more...]

Review of XBMC on the OUYA from a Newbie’s Perspective


It's been a few months since we began testing the OUYA and we're very pleased to share our opinion that the device is the only good Android-based hardware option for XBMC that's currently on the market. We tested pretty much every popular option that's you could have possibly heard about, and this is by far the only one that gives you the opportunity to actually enjoy your XBMC home entertainment … [Read more...]

Preliminary Review of the Little Black Box Android TV Device


Just over a month ago we were given the privilege of getting our hands on one of the latest devices to hit the XBMC consumer base. What is this mystery device you ask... The Little Black Box. Here at XBMC ANDROID we had heard a lot of exciting things about this new device and like many of you, we were anxious to jump right in. THE GOOD The Little Black Box is unique from its competitors in … [Read more...]

How-To Bypass the OUYA Setup Payment Option Required Screen


Probably the only downfall to the OUYA user experience that we've found to date is the fact that during the initial setup it seems to require the owner to enter either their credit card information or an OUYA prepaid voucher code. We've been trying to figure out a way around it, and there isn't really one, except for a simple loophole that we came across in the system that can easily be used. … [Read more...]

How-To Install XBMC-Linux on the Pivos XIOS DS and then Configure It with the XBMC HUB Wizard Addon


So you just picked up a Pivos XIOS DS from your local electronics retailer, we're now going to assume that you're totally lost and explain to you exactly what to do from top to bottom. We're currently recommending that you flash your device with XBMC-Linux as it's substantially more stable and was designed specifically with the Pivos XIOS DS in mind, in time you might want to consider migrating to … [Read more...]

Leaked Photos of the Upcoming Jynxbox Android TV Product Line


It seems that Jynxbox is trying to revamp their current product line with the release of several new models including the new Jynxbox Android M3 device, the Jynxbox Android XD, Jynxbox Android XL and the Jynxbox Live set top boxes, this information leaked by the Chinese manufacturers of course. We don't have all the information on these devices just yet, but from what it we understand the Jynxbox … [Read more...]

Geniatech M3 ATV510B Source Code Public Release


Android TV has been around for quite some time but has yet to be truly embraced in any meaningful way by the Android development community itself, despite the wide array of quality hardware devices available for purchase on the open market to date. It is our belief that part of the problem lays in the poorly tested firmware released by Chinese factories manufacturing these devices and we're now … [Read more...]

How-To Install the Official Version of XBMC for Android, then Configure It with the XBMC HUB Wizard Addon


It's come to our attenton that more and more people with powerful Android devices (such as Samsung phones or higher end tablets) have been opting to use the official version of XBMC instead of the external player version which is more for lower end devices with less processing capabilities. This is great news because it means that XBMC for Android development is just going further and further, and … [Read more...]

Working Factory Firmware for Jynxbox Android TV Models as of May 2013


There were a lot of requests for links to the factory firmware files for the Jynxbox Android HD and the Jynxbox Android HD Mini so we took it upon ourselves to create this post, where you'll find all the latest working files for Jynxbox models. The factory firmware files on this page all come directly from the device manufacturer Jynxbox and haven't been altered in any way whatsoever. Keep on … [Read more...]

Updated Factory Firmware for the G-Box as of May 2013


We've seen quite a few people looking for where to download the latest firmware files for their G-Box Android TV devices, so we're now bringing you this article where you'll find the latest up to date firmware for the G-Box as of this month. The files listed on this post come all directly from the G-Box manufacturer Matricom themselves. You'll find everything you need for the G-Box device … [Read more...]